Our Movement

Focusing on what brings people together as followers of Christ is a huge value to us, so we try not to make a big deal about identifying our “brand”. Because of that, we often hear the question, “Is this a non-denominational church?”

Yes and no. We are a part of a movement of churches that started around 1880 in Indiana. The Church of God (Anderson, IN) has grown to have an impact in 89 countries, and is a community of over 7,000 churches! Our presence in Florida isn’t quite as big as it is in the mid-west, so often when we identify ourselves as “Church of God” people are more familiar with the Pentecostal movement by the same name. That’s ok with us because we’re both helping people to follow Jesus, but we are a different organization.

Though we function like a denomination, we prefer the term “Movement” because everyone can be a part of a movement, but a denomination is a term that separates people. To find out more about The Church of God (Anderson, IN) Movement, go to:

State Headquarters- flcog.org

National Headquarters- jesusisthesubject.org

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