What to expect

Expect people to remember you!

Visiting a new church can feel a little awkward, but people who come to our church for the first time are usually surprised at the warm welcome and friendly atmosphere that they receive. It doesn’t take long before new people begin to feel at home around here.

Expect that your time will be well spent.

With so many things competing for our time, it is important that you get the most of every minute.  At New Journey Church, there are opportunities for each and every member of the family to connect with God, with our community and with each other!

Expect to hear the Bible.

In every student class, adult journey group and large group gathering, the Bible is our source for truth and spiritual growth.  Here at New Journey Church we try to present God’s truth in LOVE just as it is written.

Expect more than just songs.

Although we have a talented worship team, we understand that true worship is much more than singing songs.  Here at New Journey Church we work hard to create opportunities for every member of the family to engage in a  life of worship!

Expect to find a place for families.

Families matter here at New Journey Church!  We love to encourage families.  We love to help families grow.  Most of all, we love to invest in families!  This is a family church and we are always excited to see our family grow!